Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Four

This is, as I hope you can tell, a painting of a beer bottle and a beer can. In other words, pure class. I also imbibed some "pure class" immediately before starting this painting.

Anyway...the bottle is Ale Asylum Ambergeddon and the can is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Both Wisconsin beers. And even though the PBR has that big honkin' blue ribbon award touting it's great taste and all-around beer-ness, I have to say that the Ambergeddon comes out on top. Waaay on top. And yes I *know* that PBR is the cool cheap beer that automatically endows the drinker with hipster cred, but I stand by my judgement.

Regarding the painting...I think I got too hung up on the color changes and reflections in the bottle and can, especially in the can. Damn you, PBR!


1 comment:

  1. PBR is total class! (only when its in a bottle though!) love the work jen.
    -Brian (the bike fed guy)